Renzo Podestá - Artist

Ah, the illusive Mr. Podestá, much can be said of the myth, but what can be said of the man? What little is known of the man has him residing in Argentina after the legendary events which occured in the United Kingdom during the heatwave of 1996 trying to keep a low profile out of the public eye though many admirers and reporters seek his talent and wisdom to this very day. How Mr. Podestá came to meet Mr. Smith has been a hot debate in many circles and neither actually claims to have meet the other.

C.S. Smith - Writer

After many years studying the zombie effect in the Caribbean and South America, he was detained during the revolution and remained as a "Guest of the President" for almost a decade. It is widely believed that during the Coup he escaped with the aid of Mr. Podestá and other true revolutionaries, although this is pure spectulation. This comic book is believed to portray an actual account of his experiences during those cruel and absurd decades though he has remained tight-lipped on any such correlation.



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