Zombies are real.

Hi all! We should have the cover to the comic up soon. Most likely placed smack front and center on the homepage for everyone to admire. Plus a bonus! How can there be anymore? Well a actual logo has been made. That's right! Way cooler than the crappy stencil font that we were using because it had become a staple of the ole punk rock band. This one actually looks like a comic book. Go figure. Who knows when this stuff shall be posted, but it shall. Don't hold your breath though.


Holy cow! This website was down for quite awhile, but, things have been moving quickly now. Half the book is now complete and some of the images will slowly appear here as updates (rarely) happen. But, since this has been years in the making, alittle more time won't kill anybody!

We're also looking for the 1985 Zombie Squad seven inch. Ever seen it? There are only about 500, so most likely not.








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